Mr. Smokin Salsa History

It all started about Clackamas County fair time in 2003 while David and Jeannette were checking out all of the different vendors in the agriculture building. 

They came across a demonstration for a hand-crank salsa maker.  They thought, “what a great idea!”  David decided to purchase one just to see how well it worked!  He immediately went to the store and bought the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and whatever else he thought he might like in the salsa, even a little hot stuff! David thought that he was somewhat of an “expert,” being that he has loved Mexican food since he was a a young boy.

Through many trials of adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a fresh salsa was born!   It

consisted of roma tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, and few other ingredients to spice it up.  Wow, that was good!   Their friends even thought that it had a great zip! 

David also liked barbequing during the summer, letting everyone know that he thought he was the best!  He was very particular about his grill. He didn’t like gas for meat, but liked it for vegetables, corn, potatoes and stuff like that.  This went on until May of 2004, when Jeannette decided that he needed a new barbeque for his birthday, being that it was just before Father’s Day!  Ah ha!  She had a great idea for his present!

She saw a pellet barbeque that smokes the meats and veggies as well as cooks them!!  The BBQ was the Traeger Lil’ Tex, at the time the smallest one they make!   David thought that was the best present he could ever get and went right away to put it together.  After several barbeques, and trying the different pellet flavors, he had a great idea!  He wondered what his salsa would taste like if he smoked the vegetables. 

They had a flavor all their own! 

Again, he started with what pellet  and vegetables tasted good with the smoked flavor!  This time the “salsa maker” from the fair just wasn’t big enough and it was wearing down.  The fair came around again and he bought 2 this time, just to make sure he had what he needed, being that it was plastic and the other one had made its last batch of salsa! 

By this time friends, family, co-workers and neighbors had all tasted the salsa and gave their “2 cents worth” on what they liked and disliked about it.  They were very valuable players in the making of this product.  David made sure that the flavor was better with each batch, and enjoyed it when he saw the looks on their faces when they took their first bite! 

The final addition was the Tequila! 

After he had just smoked some tomatoes, onions, and peppers, David was making a margarita for Jeannette, when David decided to try and add a bit of Tequila for the flavor!  That was the “salt on the margarita glass” so to speak, as it made a big difference in the taste!

The salsa was very popular for parties, family functions, get togethers at work, or just because.  Many people started asking “Where can I get this great salsa?” “Can you make me some?” “I’ll pay you!”  That was just the beginning!

They were sharing with people at the local grocery store, meat market, and anyone else who wanted to try it. Jeannette would take it to work to share when she had Corporate Managers visiting, who loved it as well.  They started letting her know when they were coming to visit so that they could get some to take home to their friends and family!  That’s how it got to Seattle, WA; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Boise, Idaho.  The manager in Utah always called it her “salsa run.” It’s funny how she came to visit a little more often than she had before!

It’s now May 2007, and time for David’s birthday and Father's Day, again!  Well, he had been hinting that the Lil’ Tex was just not big enough to smoke all the veggies at one time, as it didn’t get hot enough, and it just took too long to smoke, as it took 2 days to smoke everything needed for the salsa.   Hint well taken!  The Traeger grills were on sale at Canby Builders Supply here in town and it was a great deal! 

Jeannette told him that once again, his birthday and Father’s Day present was the bigger grill, The Traeger Executive 100!!  She couldn’t believe how excited he was, just like a kid in a candy shop!!  He brought it right home and put it together, just in time to start trying it out.  He could smoke everything at one time and then he could make more salsa! 

Through the sharing of the salsa, they always had one thing in mind: How can we share this great taste with the whole world?  It just seemed that too many people wanted it, and that they needed to expand on a bigger scale.  They just didn’t know how to make that happen.  Jeannette kept telling David that it will only take one person to try the salsa and realize what a gold mine it was, and that this product needs to be shared with the world! 
If you know of such person please contact us with there info. please.

Will their dreams of getting to stores ever come true?